Sea buckthorn energy drink

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Created by nature, blended by us.

A 100% natural product made with love using advanced technologies, developed by farmers and nutritionists.

The berries used in our drinks have all been gently picked, sorted, and washed by hand. Our products come into minimal contact with machines.

We use cold-pressing to extract the juice used in our drinks so that it retains the organic properties of berries as much as possible.

We apply heat to slow down the natural decomposition of the berries.

The water used in our drinks is drawn from our 75-meter-deep artesian well, rounding out the properties of our product.

NB! Without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Also suitable for vegetarians!

Contains pure juice pressed form frozen sea buckthorn berries!


Nutritional information:                  per 100 ml                            

Energy                                                           308KJ/73 kcal

Fat                                                                            2 g

Saturated fat                                                      0.3 g

Total carbohydrate                                         12.5 g

Sugar                                                                 12.5 g

Fibre                                                                    1.1 g

Protein                                                               0.3 g

Sodium                                                        < 0.01 g

Salt                                                                   0.07 g



water, natural sea buckthorn juice pressed from natural berries 33%, BIO sugar syrup.


shake the bottle well before use! Best if consumed within 7 days of opening. Keep the bottle refrigerated at –2 °C to +6 °C. After opening keep refrigerated at –2 °C to +6 °C. The product may contain natural sediments that only confirm its natural origin and deliciousness.



Best before: see the bottle

Manufacturer: Edvark Ltd, Kaivas str. 50, Riga, Latvia 

Net volume: 330 ml